Authentic Leadership

On two perfect, breezy, Texas Days in November 2018, more than 50 military spouses from around the country gathered in Dallas for professional development and networking.

During this annual event, BOOST Co-Founder, Cassaundra Martinez facilitated an interactive workshop on Authentic Leadership – a module within the first session of the BOOST: Military Spouse Leadership Accelerator.

As military spouse professionals and leaders, we must develop high performing teams in spite of the unpredictable military lifestyle, and building teams begins with Authentic Leadership.

This Authentic Leadership course gave military spouses the tools they need to build their unique style of leadership. The spouses reflected on their history as a means to discover their leadership genealogy.

This reflection helped them understand why others will follow them as a leader. Identifying their strengths allowed the spouses to know which habits to develop or mitigate, resulting in improving their leadership style.

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